Weaving Studio

New in the archipelago

For rent: a cabin with a weaving studio.

This just-renovated cottage has a sea view and can be rented for a short or longer period.

It sleeps two and has a fireplace, kitchen, shower and indoor toilet. The cottage is equipped with two looms: one for carpets and the other for woollen scarves.

You can work independently and help is available if required. Wool threads can be bought from the Sundö farm.

For more information
call Camilla Sundbäck 0400-448 485
e-mail: sundback.sundo@pp.inet.fi

Mikael Sundbäck, tel 040- 835 98 98 & Camilla Sundbäck, tel 0400- 44 84 85
sundback.sundo[at]pp.inet.fi Sundövägen 5, Sundö